Scopes of accreditation


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Testing and Certification Centre (CBC)
of Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

The Testing and Certification Centre (CBC) is a separated from the structure of the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG organizational unit conducting certification and certification opinions on products, providing laboratory tests and calibration.

Main tasks of the CBC in the area of provided services include:

  • assessment of compatibility of electrical equipment,
  • certification of products
  • conducting tests of products in testing laboratories,
  • giving opinions on products:
    - opinions required to obtain approval of the President of
      State Mining Authority (WUG),
    - experts’ opinions,
    - technical opinions,
  • calibration equipment for measurement of electrical values and electrical pressure-meters.

The activity of CBC is based on:

  • accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation specified in the Scope of Accreditation,
    No AC 053 - within the activities of Certification Body (JCW)
  • accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation specified in the Scope of Accreditation  No AB 261 – within the activities of research laboratories,
  • accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation as specified in the Scope of Accreditation No AP 051 – within the activities of calibration laboratories,
  • Decree of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 25 October 2004 on information on the notified certification bodies and inspection bodies and notified laboratories (MP 2004 No. 50, item. 858),
  • The law of 9 June 2011 - Geological and Mining Law (Journal of Law No. 163, item. 981),
  • the authorization of an expert on mining plant No. 205/2011 dated. 18 January 2011 issued by the President of the State Mining Authority (WUG).

In order to ensure the impartiality of the Certification Body the activity of CBC is supervised by the Council for Certification representing the parties involved into certification system.

The certification activity of the CBC is based on principles of voluntary certification of product conformity conducted by the third party according to 1b or 5 system (in accordance with PKN-ISO/IEC GUIDE 67:2007). The 1b system includes only testing and assessment of project quality of the product type. Whereas the 5 system covers also the assessment of the supplier’s quality system and supervision over the issued certificates – periodical research and assessment of the product samples taken from the supplier.