Scopes of accreditation


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High Quality

Our impartial and independent certification process is designed to use only objective evidence. Our certification system is constantly updated with the latest standards. Our quality management system is continuously improved due to internal audits and periodic reviews.

We keep our customers informed abour testing range, methods and requirements regarding certification of specified products. We provide prompt response to customer comments and suggestions regarding the quality of the offered services. We initiate corrective and preventive actions based on our own analyses and customers’ opinions.

The high-quality of our testing services is confirmed by the Certificate of PCA (Polish Centre for Accreditation) granted to Certification Bodies (AC 053), Research Laboratories (AB 261) and Calibration Laboratories (AP 051).

The impartiality of CBC’s activities   in the scope of certification is supervised by the Certification Council consisting of the representatives of producers, suppliers, users, consumers, and specialists in  conformity assessment (PKN - Polish Committee For Standardization) and organizations involved in the certification process. The Certification Council ensures impartiality and supervision of the implemented quality policy and financial activities, and is free from any financial, commercial or other pressures which could influence its impartiality.

Regardless of the Certification Council, CBC cooperates with independent Technical Committees resolving conflicts and disputes.